Songs From The Bedroom Floor (EP)

by Oceansea

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Bitter thoughts come rushing in through the front door There’s a sulphurous smell coming out of your mortal remains And the bitter thoughts are static in their own confusion Thinking about the slippery conscience of pain And nothing else is up for sale And you’re floating down the whimsical river The waters shake and the fishing boat quivers with the motion Silent nights come rushing in through the meadows It’s august now and the sparkling sun sets a flame The stencils draw in a mighty tone of delusion And guilt has a plan to find you someone to blame Its eight degrees on richter scale Regardless of your thoughts Beware, the shadow still remains Regardless of your thoughts You are the same
Time’s running by Throat is getting dry I still miss you when I’m not on my own The silhouette is near The echoes disappear The shadows still remain in my belongings And your soul has left me here to die And my heart is running out of time I’m still here on my own I won’t wait by the phone Breathing, breathing I will wait by the phone on my own Truth telling lies Love says goodbye Dreams won’t dream on their own Shadows disappear Love turns to fear Compromises, ties and bonds
Over the sun there’s a cloud Where an angel cries out loud The reflection of his gun is the sun Over the sun there’s a star With a fortress made of tar The reflection of this wall is the sun All of the sun is made of clay And the children go there to play And when the sun disappears, follow me Over the sun there’s a boat And the captain’s made of wood And the anchor is the arpoon of the moon Over the sun there’s a sea And the ocean shines on me Someone told me not to run, it was the sun All of the sun turns to grey And the oceans fade away Nothing more ever comes from the sunshining Moonflying, never grown up boys Come along, all as one, to the sun All of the sky seems to rain All the stars have turned to clay All of them but not one Not the sun shining Moonflying, birds crying, men dying Sun shining, moon flying, birds crying, men dying One for all, all for one, for the sun Over the sun...
It floats like a feather on a summer breeze Burns like a paper towel on the sun Pay attention where the wind is blowing at A melancholy state in a melancholic world The forces of accusation growing soft The paper towels burn like mortal tears in the rain Long dark clouds in long dark days Seasons in the rain A reasoning goodbye and a mission for your head Where boys fear to be and girls fear to tread Dream, delusion, shovel through your shattered past A season in the sun and a medicated path The bright-eyed looking onwards in a wreck Fields of flowers where the blind meet happiness Reckoning thoughts of misfortune days Sunburnt faces of blackening fates Spreading words of human self-enslavement It floats like a feather on a winter storm Flies like frozen tears in the rain Never mind the pages of the diaries you read
Postcards from the Walls of Sin (Words & Music: Daniel Catarino) Throw a penny in the wishing well Someone screaming from the depths of hell Flesh and bones stretched out in the yellow sun Chasing endless shadows on the run Tides will turn and waves will spin around Someone throws a penny in the ground An endless crowd will gather round the block Chanting anthems to the beating of the clock Throwing rocks at the gates of the innocent Something’s wrong so there must be one to blame Throw a penny in a guitar case Someone robs a blind man’s cane And walks out in laughter swinging it in the air What is worth ain’t what is fair to some Life goes on, the innocent crowd the streets Throwing back the rocks in disbelief Time will stiff the ones without a home Make believe that you are not alone Tides will turn at the gates of the innocent Something’s wrong so there must be one to drown If you try to escape The walls will break and you’re out If you try to be sure The walls will shape and you’re down Locked again in your dreams Throw a penny in the cement floor Someone waves hello from the neighbour’s door Life goes on and heaven must be hell Someone screaming from a prison cell Something’s wrong they say in a twisted grin Hanging postcards from the walls of sin Know that time will swing in the devil’s axe Time will melt as if it’s made of wax What goes on at the gates of the innocent Something’s wrong and there’s nothing to repent


"Armed with his guitar and tied to some urban simplicity, a boy draws in coal a black and white EP. There is no will to make something sublime, just the need of creation and the urgency of displaying it.

Although he has other projects (Uaninauei, O Rijo, Bicho do mato, Landfill, Long Desert Cowboy), Oceansea is the name of this solo project by Daniel Catarino, and the EP Songs From The Bedroom Floor… is its first work. Recorded simply and without any hidden devices or schemes, Songs From The Bedroom Floor… reflects the typical calm mood of the ones who share lost worlds, universes of wandering voices and melancholic guitar pickings. Songs From The Bedroom Floor… is a growing work, it subtly feeds the ego of the listener.

The gentle whisper of “The Whimsical River” comes with the rise of the ocean fog; it’s a mixture of folk preaching with singing. “Breathing” has an indestructible power of will, a statement screamed softly. The day is already up and running when “Over The Sun” strengthens its glow, proving that Man doesn’t feed exclusively on the sun. “Seasons In The Rain” is shaped in the same way, overdubbed vocals, precise guitar work. “Postcards From The Walls Of Sin” is a delicious song, graceful, dragged along some minutes, hungry for freedom, wanting to leave, and it definitely wishes to fly far away.

In the same way that Songs From The Bedroom Floor… sins by being short, there is a feeling in the air of duty accomplished, the work proposal was completed and well achieved, and it’s probably the intention of it, it’s just that I wanted a little bit more."

- António Antunes [PENSO SONORO]

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(Note: I used to release my songs in English under the moniker Oceansea until 2015. From then on, I started using my own name for both my songs in Portuguese and English.)


released July 11, 2008

Letras, músicas, guitarra e voz por Daniel Catarino
Lyrics, music, guitar and vocals by Daniel Catarino

(C) 2008 Daniel Catarino


all rights reserved



Daniel Catarino Porto, Portugal

Daniel Catarino é um cantautor alentejano, residente no Porto. Em canções que fundem a música de raiz e o rock, aborda os paradoxos da humanidade entre a frieza analítica e o calor poético.
Ao vivo, apresenta-se em trio, acompanhado por Manuel Molarinho no baixo e Xinês na bateria.
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